Summary Presentation on the Objectives, Activities and Results of the IGNIS Project

May 22, 2018

This presentation provides a summary overview of the key elements of the IGNIS Project, from beginning to end. It presents the project partners, objectives, problems and challenges. It also presents information about the project methodologies, the requirements of the simulator, the design of exercise scenarios and an overview of the IGNIS exercises that were held in Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom. The presentation also explains the role of the Independant Advisory Board and provides a list of all the key project deliverables. The presentation concludes with some comments about future work connected to the IGNIS Project.

European Glossary for Wildfire Training, Exercises and Simulation (2018)

May 17, 2018

For effective collaboration across national borders on any technical or emergency issue, the establishment of a common language is crucial. A common language is also vitally important for sharing knowledge and experience in the development and delivery of suitable training courses. Following the identification of gaps in common terminology, and the suggestion from other organisations that a wildfire training glossary would be a beneficial addition to aid European crossborder working, the IGNIS partners decided to create a common glossary to present terms and associated definitions connected to wildfire training, exercises, and simulation and virtual reality. 

IGNIS Simulation Exercise Reference Manual

May 17, 2018

The key aim of IGNIS Project was to improve the command and coordination of wildfire incidents through the development of simulation training for wildfire incident commanders. The IGNIS Exercise Reference Manual defines the exercise design model that was developed and implemented by the IGNIS partners. The manual formed a common basis for development of the four wildfire simulation exercises that were designed and tested during the IGNIS Project. The manual can be used by other organisations outside of the project team as a useful reference point for developing other simulation training exercises.

IGNIS Project Communications Report

May 17, 2018

A communication strategy is an important element of any transnational project. A well-designed communication strategy helps partner organisations to communicate effectively with stakeholders and ensure that communication activities contribute to the successful achievement of the project objectives. This report provides an overview of the design and delivery of the IGNIS Project communications work package. The management and delivery of this work package was the ultimate responsibility of Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service; however, all four of the IGNIS Project partners were involved in communication activities throughout the duration of the project. Wherever possible, the members of the IGNIS Project Independent Advisory Board were also involved in some communication activities.

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